love notes

02.12.17 – to Halie

I am doing alright and still transitioning. Each place has its own shit and here is no different…

…Big hug and big love to you strong woman. You can do this and you are enough. Put your face in whatever sun appears in that frozen tundra and march on. We got this even if our inner scared little girls argue with us all the time… xoxoxo


07.16.17 – from Halie

This was a nice reminder to be gentle with myself in times of transition. It takes time to continuously adjust and reflect – especially with large life events. The lessons and ideas you taught have always comforted and fueled me through the struggle of dancing and making work. I feel deeply understood and hopeful that I am on the right path – even through it is difficult. I am really grateful for how open you are with the struggle of transitions and navigating hardship. I miss your presence, the grounded movement in my body, and your mentorship. It’s hard out here! But your honestly helps me be softer with myself.