‘play/bpm’ – 9×22 DanceLab 2018 photo: Bill Cameron

bpm/play, 2018

Choreography, Performance & Sound Design: Halie Bahr
‘9×22 Dance/Lab’ @ Bryant Lake Bowl Theater – Minneapolis, MN
‘Little Works Lab’ @ Good Arts Collective – Minneapolis, MN
‘MFA Auditions’
University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign – Urbana, IL
University of Utah – Salt Lake City, UT
University of Iowa – Iowa City, IA
University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, MI
Ohio State University – Columbus,  OH

Screenshot 2017-10-19 23.18.07

Current Circuits, 2017 

Choreography: Halie Bahr 
Performance: Amelia Morris, Maria Tordoff
‘Dance Lab’ @ Danceworks Inc. – Milwaukee, WI 
‘LoFi Dance Records’ @ Chicago Fringe Festival – Chicago, IL 
‘love letter’ 2017

Love Letter, 2017 

Three women use their voices to reflect on memories of love & disappointment. Inspired by Kathleen Hanna’s never published, DIY punk album out of the 90s called ‘Julie Ruin’, the dancers cross paths, hold each other up, and use each other as physical, resilient support systems. 
Choreography: Halie Bahr
Performance: Halie Bahr, Emma Call, Rachel Clark
‘5×5’ @ Company Brewing – Milwaukee, WI
‘LoFi Dance Records’ @ Chicago Fringe Festival – Chicago, IL
‘9×22 Dance/Lab’ @ Bryant Lake Bowl Theater – Minneapolis, MN
‘Zone’ @ Zenon Dance & Cowles Center for Performing Arts – Minneapolis, MN
Restaged Performers: Mikell Melius, Maria Tordoff, Lucia Webb

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Departing, 2016

Choreography: Halie Bahr 
Performance: Halie Bahr, Rachel Clark
‘3×5 Artist Residency’ @ The Soap Factory – Minneapolis, MN


Moving While Standing Still, 2016

The projection creates a harsh, black and white environment that divides and slices through space above and between the dancers. The act of cutting up space creates a world where the dancers are forced to reach out for support, connect, and move with awareness of each other throughout the piece. 
Choreography: Halie Bahr 
Projection & Sound: Kym McDaniel
Performance: Emma Call, Kelsey James, Nicole Spence
‘LoFi Dance Records’ @ Chicago Fringe Festival – Chicago, IL
‘In Touch’ @ The Polish Falcon – Milwaukee, WI
‘Works in Progress’ @ Danceworks Inc. – Milwaukee, WI 


Ashes, 2015 (Film)

Choreography/Videography: Halie Bahr 
Performance: Miranda Heavener
Presented by Your Mother Dances @ Mitchell Hall – Milwaukee, WI 
‘UW – Milwaukee 2015 Student Film Festival’ – Milwaukee, WI 


Blush, 2015

Endless Red, 2014 

This project took on many forms as it developed. The project was the thesis work of my undergraduate degree. The work explores visual and somatic metaphors of ‘feminine rage’. Project themes include self erosion and exposure. 
Choreography: Halie Bahr 
Performance: (solo) Halie Bahr (group ensemble) Sarah Draper, Kayla Flentje, Miranda Heavener, Kelsey James, Miranda Zilenski
‘Revolution Now’ @ Gamut Gallery – Minneapolis, MN
‘Inscribed in us’ @ Mitchell Hall – Milwaukee, WI