‘Blush’ / ‘Endless Red’

This project happened in many forms between September 2014 and March of 2015. I created this work during my undergraduate, and was part of my thesis project. Here I explored concepts of what ‘feminine rage’ would look or feel like through visual metaphors. This included playing with lipstick and aluminum foil with the feminine body and movement. Themes from this work involved rubbing away (physically or metaphorically) the superficial layers of yourself to expose the underbelly/truth/messiness that waits underneath.

Screenshot 2015-03-08 23.24.55

Halie Bahr
Performance: Halie Bahr
‘Revolution Now’ @ Gamut Gallery – Minneapolis, MN

‘Endless Red’
Halie Bahr
Performance: Sarah Draper, Kayla Flentje, Miranda Heavener, Kelsey James, Miranda Zilenski
‘Inscribed in us’ @ Mitchell Hall – Milwaukee, WI