love letter

This premiered dance-work explores what comes after a false resolution of a girl-power narrative. A trio that digs at an unresolved feminine perspective, even more critical in a political climate where women’s rights are being threatened daily. The strength found in vulnerability and weakness is more malleable, authentic, and often more powerful.

This work was inspired by Kathleen Hanna’s never published, DIY punk album out of the 90s called ‘Julie Ruin’. She made this album alone in her bedroom as a way of coping after her band had broken up.

This work was inspired out of much reflection and time spent alone in my bedroom. As a company, we dedicated ourselves to a process of creating that is rooted in friendship and respect. The work tests physical boundaries by turning up the dial, equally, on risk and reliability. The three women use their unapologetic (untrained) singing voices to ask questions and speak about love & disappointment. They cross paths, hold each other up, and use each other as physical, resilient support systems. The work transforms exhaustion into something healing, maybe even joyful – a sweaty, physical celebration about the crushing, yet liberating journey to finding yourself and speaking up.


‘love letter’
Halie Bahr
Performance: Halie Bahr, Emma Call, Rachel Clark
‘5×5’ @ Company Brewing – Milwaukee, WI
‘Bedroom Culture’ @ Chicago Fringe Festival – Chicago, IL
‘9×22’ @ Bryant Lake Bowl Theater – Minneapolis, MN
Zenon Dance 
Restaged Performance: Mikell Melius, Maria Tordoff, Lucia Webb
Cowles Center for the Performing Arts 
Minneapolis, MN